Why Work With Erin-Says?

My precious and totally bizarre readers now span across the globe.  No, this does not mean I will advertise for your drug dealing business or assist with money laundering in any way. The old me is gone! What it means is that people are reading my stuff.  No, I don’t get it either.

The Erin-Says blog and Facebook page are reaching a growing audience on a daily basis who are reading about my the odd musings that happen in my personal life and with my family, marriage, dogs, personal growth and parenting teens. A majority of my readers are aged 35-54, and surprise, are mostly women… but a hearty 26% are dudes.

If you are interested in advertising with Erin-Says, or promoting your product or brand via the Erin-Says Blog or Erin-Says social channels, please email my team at hello@erin-says.com and we will fill you in on how smart you are for partnering with me and the details on how Erin-Says can help to move your brand and business.  Smoochies.