Erin Moroni Book Signing

The Mail Fail

For those of you who are not currently aware, I co-wrote a book last year. Yep, a real book. It is super funny, bratty and brave. I especially love it because I did not expose all my deep dark secrets rather, it is about this other chick, Stefanie’s, love life. I would totally tell you more, but I am just going to let you order it because it is only $20 and this is my job.

A Hairy Situation

Erin: I have decided we are going to go get Brazilian waxes. Lisa: Okay. Erin: That went over better than I thought it would.  You are drinking wine, watching Lifetime …

Supplemental Income

Lisa’s Version of Events I almost died last week when I accidentally poisoned myself. Three days before I nearly died, I was laying on Erin’s bedroom floor after raiding her …