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Disco Party

The Text Exchange

Lisa:  Do you want to go to a Korean bathhouse in a really bad part of town with me tomorrow?

Erin:  Okay.

Lisa:  We have to be naked.

Erin:  You are going to be jealous of my svelte vagina.

Lisa:  I will pick you up at 11:00.

Erin:  Bye.

Lisa’s Version of Events

I wanted to go to a Korean bathhouse so I could blog about it.  I have a total domineering personality so, it was not terribly challenging for me to convince Erin to go.  These bathhouses are all the rage in California.  Erin is going to act like a whiney little bitch when she tells her side but, I honestly had no idea that the bathhouse we went to was a covert sex house.  Swear. To. God.

When I was informed of this establishment, I was simply told to be open-minded.  I understood we would be naked the entire time and that we would be receiving massages.  What I did NOT know is we would be showering in a community shower equipped with bar soap that had suspicious hairs and by “suspicious hairs” I mean disturbingly long pubes.  I also had no idea that we walked in on two chicks getting it on in the steam room.  Helllll-lllllo, I would have knocked.  Gross.

The massage was admittedly a little aggressive…. Ninjas were literally climbing on top of us, slapping our arms and legs.  I also do not recall being told that the “community” loofah they used to exfoliate us, would enter EVERY part of my body.  As an esthetician, I was fine with my ass but, I totally drew the line when they tried to scrub my flawless face.  Eew.

I avoided making eye contact with Erin because I could feel her retinas burning holes in my skin and frankly, her negative energy was ruining my Zen.  Instead, I stared at her lady bits, figuring I would make us both dermatologist appointments for the following day and a couples therapy session for Friday to make amends.  Truthfully, I will probably never invite her again.

Erin’s Version of Events

Lisa failed to mention that she also coerced our yoga instructor, Jen, to come with us.  It was Jen’s birthday and a “Happy Ending” in a dirty Korean bathhouse is always a neat gift.  Additionally, after a long anxiety ridden month waiting for what was ultimately Lisa’s negative diagnose for M.S., we decided to celebrate by contracting a venereal disease.  Annnnd this is why I selflessly decided to go…to support them.  Everyone should be my friend.

After visiting the shower room, I decided Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccination campaign was much less offensive than Cameron Diaz’s recent plight to end bush trimming.  I exited the 70‘s disco party to go check out the “majestic waterfall” that Lisa had been describing.  I was preeeeetty sure the waterfall was just a stream of asbestos and black mold pouring out of dilapidated ceiling tiles but, I didn’t want to ruin the party so I just stayed quiet.

To take my mind off of the situation, I tried to count all the tattoos of dream catchers and wolves on women’s arms as we all soaked in a dirty hottub together but, I lost count after 9,972.  I then watched in fascination as our boobies kept floating to the surface while everyone else’s plummeted under.  Jen wasn’t really speaking to either of us at this point but, I figured it was because she was so relaxed.  I was happy to see her enjoying herself on her special day.

During my massage, Lisa’s voyeuristic vagina watched me the ENTIRE time so, I was never able to fully relax.  It didn’t help that my masseuse gave me a titty twister and kept slapping me in the head, with her stomach and boobs.  Lisa “claims” I was angrily glaring at her.  The truth was, I was completely void of feeling at this point.

Anywho, we are all almost finished taking our third round of broad-spectrum antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-viral medications.  Our next Girls’ Day is our blood draw at an infectious disease clinic in six months.  Lisa- Thank you for taking us from the confines of our gated community, if for no other reason than to remind us never to do it again.  XO

P.S.  Happy Birthday Jen.  I hope it was all that you dreamed of and more.


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