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Lisa’s Version of Events

I almost died last week when I accidentally poisoned myself.

Three days before I nearly died, I was laying on Erin’s bedroom floor after raiding her closet.  *If you ever need to borrow a dress she has quite the selection.  In fact, she has her very own expensive department store.  You would not know this by looking at her since she wears yoga clothes  She swears she’s not depressed.  I am totally going to say something if she stops showering. 

Anywho, while I was browsing Erin’s wares I decided her Tory Burch flip-flops would look better on me.  Remember…Erin only likes to purchase designer apparel, she does not actually wear it.  I plotted my exit strategy and informed her my flip-flops would match her skin tone better and just this once, I would be willing to switch shoes with her since I deeply care about her.  She happily obliged.  I think she even hugged me.

Our ADD encumbered conversation suddenly switched from wardrobes to supplements.  I informed Erin of a supplement we should be taking for our skin health.  She casually replied, “Oh, I already take that.”  I sat there in stunned silence.  Oh, I see…so I share my extensive beauty wisdom with her while she sits there casually sipping bone broth and hoarding her own beauty arsenal. I no longer felt guilty about taking her shoes.

Erin told me I could have her brand new bottle of the magical elixir.  It is about time she did something for me.  Erin cautioned me to start taking the product very slowly.  Meh, I don’t have time for this “waiting” bullshit.  I go big or I go home and watch Lifetime and do nothing.

Three days later, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe stomach pain.  Omg.  I was one of those women who didn’t know she was pregnant since I was clearly in labor.  I just knew I was going to poop out a human being.  I called Erin.  Instead of being sympathetic like a normal person would be, she was like, “This.Is.Awesooooome!!! How much are you taking?!  I am going to do it too!”

After five hellish, terrifying days of being held hostage by my bowels, I lost SEVEN repeat SEVEN pounds.  My skin was glowing even though my eyes were sunken in but, I looked super gaunt for a photo shoot.  Erin and I decided we were onto something and slapped our pictures on this supplement so we could start our own pyramid scheme.

Erin’s Version of Events

I almost died last week when I intentionally poisoned myself.

I was laying on my floor watching Lisa try on my size 0 clothes.  Lisa usually wears a 00 so you can imagine how distraught she was when my clothes actually fit her.  She kept repeating she was “bloated and PMS’ing.”  I just examined my cuticles and told her how pretty she was.  I have learned this technique is the most effective when trying to soothe Lisa during one of her “episodes.”

Lisa is correct, I don’t get dressed.  Everyday of my life is spent being covered in dog hair, boogers, peanut butter and my own tears.  I have zero desire to elicit attention from the opposite sex.  Why?  Because another dude is just one more fucking person I have to take care of.  I don’t even buy pistachios with shells because I am so lazy.  In fact, I had to google what “Ashley Madison” was when it was all over headline news. *Although, I totally didn’t know that rogue Duggar was on there.  Meow.  Eyebrows up and down.  Lick lips. 

Furthermore, I have taken said beauty supplement for years but, it had never occurred to me to quadruple the recommended dosage like Lisa did.  She acted like it was the end of the fucking world because she was going to poop out a baby.  Hi.  There are approximately three fire stations in a five mile radius of our houses that we could have dropped the kid/giant poop off at.  She is absurdly dramatic.

Our bodies literally purged themselves of every toxin we had ever ingested.  Lisa was able to rid herself of all the coke, meth and heroin she used last week.  I purified myself of the five packages of my kids’ Avatar fruit snacks that I ate the day before.  Yes, I did almost shit in my car but, I was trading it in the next day so it wouldn’t have even mattered.  Honestly, the experience was entirely spiritual for me.  Like I prayed a lot.

***If you too would like to shit away some lbs. while exercising your abs and boosting your self worth, please send us a check in the amount of $59.99!  Become a distributer today and start making money while changing people’s lives through explosive diarrhea!  Simply refer five of your friends and we will send you the kit.  If you would like to host a party, Lisa and I will generously give you a bonus bottle of the magic (equivalent of two giant shits).  XO


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